The Boy who Knew too Much

About the first week in March I was listening to Coast to Coast a popular overnight radio program on paranormal happenings. It was about a mother who wrote a book regarding her son who she felt was the reincarnation of former great Yankee first baseman Lou Gehrig who died in his prime of ALS affliction. The son was only four years old and had never heard of Gehrig but kept talking about when

he played first base for the Yankees. Then he kept bringing up information that he would never have known about Gehrig, without even knowing his name. His mother who first thought it was all a figment of his imagination then started to research Yankee first basemen and connected the information he supplied with Gehrig. He was obsessed with the game of baseball and  talked about it with authority.

 He threw and batted left handed just like Gehrig and was good at the game.  His mother finally realized that all this was not a coincidence but there was truth in the boys words. He saw a picture of Babe Ruth and recognized him as a teammate not even knowing who Babe Ruth was. If this boy is the reincarnation of Lou Gehrig he probably will be playing in the big leagues one day. 

 This story really grabbed me and I read everything I could on the subject of reincarnation … now  I learned that the movie rights for the book have been bought and there will be a full length film about the boy. Being an author myself of two baseball books, I was fascinated and interested seeing the movie when it comes out. I’ve always been interested in the concept of reincarnation … now I’m really hooked. 

 To find out more: “The Boy Who Knew too Much”

Carl Paul Maggio